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Take Control of your Product Specs

A best practice standardization center of user stories and acceptance criteria templates for enterprise software teams.

A better way to build software

All software is bespoke. But the functionality shouldn't be. HipSpec is here to help automate requirements for the boring stuff.

Build Better Software

Your team has expertise in your domain, that's great! We are here to help you focus on delivering your experience to your customers but not get bogged down in the minutia users expect today.

  • Better Alignment

    Has your team rebuilt something 'simple' multiple times to get it right? With HipSpec's standardized requirements, get it right the first time.

  • Fewer Meetings

    Ever leave a planning meeting with a pile of blank user stories? Our product experts integrate years of product and developer experience, research and social proof into our stories & requirements.

  • Bandwidth for Innovation

    By augmenting your requirements definition your experts will have more time to be experts on what matters.

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How do we do it?

We sit upstream from your project management tool and automate the creation of requirements and acceptance criteria with industry best practices.

  • User Story Catalog

    From Accessibility to User Management, HipSpec's catalog of over 800 user stories enables your team to leverage best practices. Check out our integrations below.

  • Reusable Playlists

    We help your organization better implement complex cross team initiatives. Distribute regulatory, innovation or alignment initiatives to your portfolio of backlogs.

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The best integrations

We know changing project management tools is an absolute chore. So we are bringing the goods to you. We built integrations with major project management tools to bring that artistic craftsmanship you long for to your work building software. Simply search, pick a story, and import it with the click of a button.

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More Coming Soon

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Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

We are remote! Founded in Texas in 2020, we are moving our HQ to Virginia in Q3 of 2020.

How do you make these user stories?

We integrated years of product and development experience, research and social proof into our stories.

My organization has lots of security requirements, can we use HipSpec?

Totally! We built our platform with security minded enterprises in mind from day 1. Contact our sales team (sales@hipspec.com) for a deeper dive or if you want to have a casual chat about SSO, Encryption, SOC2, ISO27001, etc.

Can I request stories on topic XYZ?

Yes, you can submit a request in the platform or email us at support@hipspec.com

How easy is it?

Step 1 - Search. Step 2 - Pick a story. Step 3 - Click Import.
We take a typical story definition from ~30 minutes to 15 seconds.

What is your team's background?

We have experience in regulated environments at Fortune 50 Enterprises and Venture Funded startups. You can find our founder's profile here.

What sparked this idea?

The seed was planted for our founder about 4 years ago while he participated in a multi-hour agile sprint planning meeting that resulted in a bunch of blank stories.

These answers... they are a little spunky?

We like to think HipSpec brings a dash of jalapeno to enterprise software. Buckle up!


The right price for you, whoever you are

We bring the most value to organizations with lots of moving parts or resource constrained product teams juggling their compliance and development interactions. We bill per active integrated backlog project/workstream.


$449 /mo

Per Team Backlog Project

  • Completed Work Tracking

  • Custom Playlists

  • Up to 5 Backlogs

  • Annual Plan Discount Available

  • Core Integrations


Call Us

Let's discuss use cases that are best for you.

  • Governance Tooling (SSO, Auditing, etc)

  • Complex Organization Trees

  • Unlimited Backlogs

  • Aha! & Jira Server Integration

  • Includes Growth Features

Functionality Audit

Receive a structured data analysis of your product's functionality against our core dataset. Useful for roadmapping, gap analysis, financing due dilligence, or acquisiton target reporting. $10,490 for most engagements with a product development team size under 30.

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